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Street Address                                                                        Mailing Address
U.S. Probation Probation and  Pretrial                                       U.S. Probation Probation and Pretrial
824 N. Market Street                                                                J. Caleb Boggs Federal BLDG.
Suite 400                                                                                 844 N. King ST.  Unit 39
Wilmington, DE 19801                                                             Wilmington, DE 19801
Phone:   302-252-2950               Fax:   302-573-6658
From points North of Wilmington:
   Take I-95 South
   Take exit number 7A - toward SR-52S/Delaware Ave.
   Stay straight to go onto W. 11th St.
   Turn right onto N. King St./US-13BR S.
   Turn right onto E. 8th St.
   End at 824 N. Market St.
From points South of WIlmington:
   Take exit number 7 - toward SR-52/Delaware Ave.
   Stay straight to go onto N. Adams St.
   Turn slight right onto Delaware Ave./DE-52S.
   Continue to follow DE-52 South
   Turn right onto N. King St./US-13 BR S
   Turn right onto E. 8th St.
   End at 824 N. Market St.