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                                                      Treatment Services Vendor Information


   On June 18, 2015, this agency opened the solicitation cycle and prospextive bidders were directed to the agency's web site for the necessary forms.  The solicitation process will be closed on July 16, 2015 at 4:00pm.


The United States Probation Office for the District of Delaware has opened our solicitation to obtain treatment services and will be mailing Sections A and B of the Request for Proposal (RFP) to prospective bidders in the New Castle County catchment area. The catchment area is listed on the cover letter as well as in Box #1 of Section A (i.e., 0311-16-01).

All other sections of the RFP are posted below. Please note that there are changes to the requirements for preparing and submitting the RFP this year so pay careful attention to Section L (Instructions, Conditions & Notices to Offenders).

The "FAQ" or Frequently Ask Questions section of this website will contain all questions and subsequent answers posed by vendors in addition to FAQs asked in previous solicitations.

The "Current Prices" section of this website contains the prices currently paid for each service within the New Castle County catchment area. Please click on the link to view current prices.


Vendor Reference Guide (PDF)

Vendor Reference Guide (PowerPoint)

Billing Procedures (PowerPoint)

Daily Treatment Log (PowerPoint)

Prob. 45, Release Form, and Prob. 46 (PowerPoint)

Urine Collection (PowerPoint)

Vendor treatment Plan (PowerPoint)

PDF requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

Frequently Asked Questions - click here to view (pdf)

Current Pricing for FY 2015 - click here to view (pdf)

Invoice Guidance - click here ro view (pdf)

Submit Invoice through Electionic Reporting System - click here to view (pdf)


RFP Statement of Work

Section C     Description/Statement of Work (pdf)

Section D     Packing and Marking (pdf)

Section E     Inspection and Acceptance (pdf)

Section F     Deliveries or Performance (pdf)

Section G     Agreement Administration Data (pdf)

Section H     Special Agreement Requirements (pdf)

Section I      Required Clauses (pdf)

Section J      Attachments:

                    J.1 Program Discharge SUmmary Profile (pdf)

                    J.2 Sample Program Plan (Probation Form 45) (pdf)

                    J.3 For Future Use

                    J.4 Monthly Treatment Report (Probation Form 46) (pdf)

                    J.5 Release Forms (PROB. FORMS 11B, 11E, and 11I; PSA FORMS 6B and 6D (pdf)

                    J.6 Daily Log (pdf)

                    J.7 Daily Travel Record (Probation Form 17) (pdf)

                    J.8 Invoice Part A and Part B (pdf)

                    J.9 Testing Log (Urinalysis, Sweat Patch, Breathalyzer) (pdf)

                    J.10 Department of Labor Wage Determination (pdf)

Section K      Representation Ceritfications (pdf)

Section L      Instructions Conditions and Notice to Offerors (pdf)

Section M     Evaluation Factors for Award (pdf)